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Nissan USA

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Nissan USA Case Study

Despite an ongoing posting strategy utilizing multimedia assets, Nissan USA was experiencing a low social media growth rate through their U.S. channels. To capitalize on their marketing efforts they needed to dynamically grow their follower base and increase engagement across all platforms.

A particular roadblock to this effort was the fact that social interaction is not required for traditional automotive advertising. The challenge was to engage their existing audience with high impact media designed to produce increased interaction and organically build an additional follower base.

Over several months we developed unique themes for their online campaigns that were released across multiple social platforms. These themes were specifically designed to maximize user engagement, boost social sharing, and spark viral conversation.

Quick Facts

15% increase in FaceBook Likes
Over the course of one year of implementing the creative strategy, Facebook likes increase to oved 900,000. Changing the theme, and rotating fresh and unique content throughout their campaigns was paramount to this Effort
Overall virality increased by 100%
During the 12 month campaign, the overall number of impressions and people talking about Nissan USA’s posts more than doubled.
Social Media Distribution

A critical component to heightening digital brand visibility is the creation of impactful social media campaigns. Our expert staff of writers, bloggers, and graphic artists will create well written, highly visual and thoughtful content that will engage, educate and inform your targeted audience and key demographics. we will then maximize its impact through social engagement strategies on a variety of platforms.

Social Media Amplification

Growing your social media audience is critical to proliferating your brand presence and messaging as well as boosting organic search rankings. Emerge utilizes non-paid boost tactics to grow your audience organically, with many clients seeing a more than 10 percent increase in followers on a monthly basis.