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Century 21 Real Estate

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Centry 21 Real Estate Case Study

In an effort to maintain and grow their online market share in the real estate market, Century 21 hired Emerge to provide digital marketing consultation services. We developed a comprehensive analysis of their existing digital assets and outlined a plan that included public relations, blog writing, as well as social media oversight and search engine optimization services for more than 31 major markets in the United States.

Particularly pertinent to the campaign was finding that more than 90 percent of real estate transactions are initiated through some type web search. Because of this, the level of competition for search engine ranking within the real estate market was found to be high and presented several challenges to achieving page one placement for all targeted keywords.

Using our local citation building process, blog link research team, press development and social platform integration we pulled together a creative and complete effort for each of the 31 markets. Our approach consisted of dedicating a small team of media managers and writers to each market. Each team was able to concentrate on specific areas to develop the best promotion possible.

Quick Facts

Within 6 months all high intent and competitive keywords for the real estate industry reached the first page of Google.
Many of the keywords reached a top three placement.
Organic Search

Emerge applies best practices to acquire links and organic traffic, create social signals, and provides services that increase visibility, build your authority and drive traffic to your website. Creating high quality content is paramount to your organic effort. Our team of writers and content specialists will collaborate with you to create impactful content that draws in large audiences across demographics and is pushed through a variety of platforms to maximize your reach.

Public Relations

Targeted PR campaigns can provide you with a platform to inform prospective customers, investors, partners, employees, and other stakeholders and persuade them to a specific viewpoint, heighten brand visibility and awareness – both locally and nationally, and increase sales. These campaigns allow you to maintain a connected relationship with your target audience, the media, and industry influencers through publicity and strategic communications, providing a powerful tool that augments and strengthens all of other marketing efforts.


Concise and impactful written content help your brand convey professionalism and knowledge of your industry. Our team of content specialists produce copy that is thoughtful, impactful, draws in large audiences across multiple platforms and integrates harmoniously with the visual aspects of your marketing efforts.