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Bank of America

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Bank of America Case Study

Bank of America signed on with Emerge to help develop, promote and drive traffic to an online property portal aimed at the luxury, country, and agricultural sectors. Their main goal was to drive quality, high intent traffic to this portal through targeted keywords. Specifically, Bank of America needed our assistance to consult on site design, search engine optimization, conversion optimization and social media engagement.

We took an iterative approach to this project; first applying best practices to optimize their onpage content and improve their user interface and experience. After the onpage elements were completed we managed the link building, public relations and social media engagement to produce the strong, robust, and rich content needed to boost search engine rankings. All of the media that was produced was disseminated through multiple social media platforms for maximum reach.

Quick Facts

Within 18 months of launching the project from scratch, we were able to achieve the following positions in Google for targeted search terms:
Search terms in number one position on page one of Google: 122
Search terms in number two position on page one of Google: 56
Search terms on page of one of Google: 420
Site visitors: 200,000 +
Organic Search

Emerge applies best practices to acquire links and organic traffic, create social signals, and provides services that increase visibility, build your authority and drive traffic to your website. Creating high quality content is paramount to your organic effort. Our team of writers and content specialists will collaborate with you to create impactful content that draws in large audiences across demographics and is pushed through a variety of platforms to maximize your reach.


We have garnered years of knowledge by using every campaign we have managed to empirically test changes in Google’s algorithm and philosophy. This has provided tremendous insight into digital marketing trends and best practices, enabling our team to provide expert advice for the best possible results.

Conversion Optimization

Advanced analytics and reporting techniques allow us to peer into how well your digital marketing campaign is working and provides insight into how to optimize conversion rates. Emerge has a dedicated team that continually evaluates your internet traffic to ensure that you are converting visitors into customers and generating a return on your digital marketing investment.

Social Media Distribution

A critical component to heightening digital brand visibility is the creation of impactful social media campaigns. Our expert staff of writers, bloggers, and graphic artists will create well written, highly visual and thoughtful content that will engage, educate and inform your targeted audience and key demographics. we will then maximize its impact through social engagement strategies on a variety of platforms.