Is BlackHat Link Building Still alive and well?

Is BlackHat Link Building Still alive and well?

We don’t practice BlackHat link building, but proponents of Blackhat SEO practices are saying this is a golden age for link popularity manipulation. Whether or not these practices can only be done manually or through automated methods (Nukes, Xrumor, etc) has not been specified in materials I’ve read recently. One SEO blog post sheds some light on Blackhat practices in the Post Penguin era as being alive and well. Here is a quote:

SEO via Blackhat techniques is probably at its absolute best state right now. It used to be way too simple to rank a website with a bunch of mindless spamming, but now it’s a more intricate process. It takes a bit more study and dedication

So, this would imply that BlackHatters just need too be smarter in their “dedication” to building links with no intent to add value to the Googletopia. Then, they state the following:

Make sure you continuously add articles that are relevant to your topic, and are not stuffed with keywords. Google is smarter than you think. If you give good content; you’re going to rank for your keywords.

So they must be saying that the right blend of Blackhat link building and White Hat SEO is the way to go for best results, but hasn’t that been the case for years? The only difference is that eventually Google might catch up to the Blackhat techniques, as they have repeatedly done over a decade now, and penalize their use at some point in time.