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Emerge Marketing Group is a dynamic team of digital marketing professionals who specialize in managing search engine optimization (SEO), paid search, email marketing, targeted public relations, and social media campaigns. Emerge continually researches best practices in the digital marketing environment to ensure optimal results and a successful return on your digital investments. We develop integrated marketing plans to make your brand more recognizable and bring more customers to your doorstep, increase your visibility, and create a unified digital brand presence.


Charles Lloyd
Chief Digital Strategist

Charles Lloyd is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist, seasoned social media strategist, Google accredited paid media pro, and ecommerce expert. Charles has nearly 15 years of experience in the internet marketing industry; specifically specializing in: paid search management, geo-local SEO (Google maps/Places/Plus), organic search ranking optimization, web site development, Google My Business multiple location deployment, link popularity and social media engagement.

Having touched hundreds of internet marketing campaigns, Charles has been directly involved with transforming businesses and contributing to their success stories. He has formed longstanding relationships with many clients, some of who have utilized his digital strategies for 8 years or more. He believes that digital marketing success is a “game-changing” component for large a number of businesses, and continues to evolve his tactics to adapt to the newest digital trends while generating double and triple digital annual revenue growth.