Finding your audience through collaboration and creativity

Emerge Marketing Group is a dynamic team of digital marketing professionals who specialize in managing search engine optimization (SEO), paid search, email marketing, targeted public relations, and social media campaigns. Emerge continually researches best practices in the digital marketing environment to ensure optimal results and a successful return on your digital investments. We develop integrated marketing plans to make your brand more recognizable and bring more customers to your doorstep, increase your visibility, and create a unified digital brand presence.


Nathan Puente
Creative Lead

Nathan Puente has been at the forefront of the digital marketing, web design and digital media industry for more than a decade. Having launched his first .com business at the age of 20, Nathan has founded a number of successful businesses that specialize in internal growth strategies, work-flow management, digital strategy, and web based marketing. Today he is the president of Sonder Agency and Emerge Marketing Group. Focusing on providing creative solutions, Emerge and Sonder deliver thought inspired design, immersive user experiences, and effective optimization strategies.

Nathan leads the creative process and provides his experienced oversight on every project that comes through the door. Believing that strategies need to be tailored for each client’s individual needs and overarching business goals, Nathan seeks to provide all clients an effective collaborative process that leads to the greatest return on their digital investment.